Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tips and tricks to play Counter Strike

If there is no other match, playing with a bot, but do not use cheats and choose its level best tggi Bot.
2. If Pake Ak 47, if you shoot him right in the head. But if you want popcorn tembaknya bullet to the foot of his enemy. 80% I guarantee it would headshot.
3. If using karbin, if he shot him once in a while, he shot right direction to head. Kalo want popcorn shot for example, points to her chest .. Kalo is the possibility headshot approximately 70%.
4. If you use Deagle, shoot, shoot his chest to try on. Accuracy of the deagle is high enough.
5. If you want our agile leap, try press Ctrl + space.
6. For example throwing a flash bang, sheets, 2 seconds later estimate will then flashbang explode, so a direct blow to the back of the clay (not to explode in front of the eyes) you will be free to shoot or stab your enemies.
7. Familiarize pake headshet play, or at least the speakers. Concentration in his footsteps. step was the enemy from any direction.
8. If playing teams, do not all come together at one point, just try to keep their posts. Once the enemy plasticity, direct good for the siege.
9. Sensitivity of the mouse you have to be adjusted and socialized with you. I used 4 krn pakai Frisky sensi me, if you are a sniper use, use lower sensi course.
10. In team games, if you terosist, never let the bearer of a bomb Walked alone.
11. Want to quickly change weapons? no longer have to massage the numbers on the keyboard. Simply press the Q.
12. Want to sound ga-step way you? Press shift ama ye-step directions.
13. If you run any enemy and through walls, wooden box / door wall shooting match your feeling just as a shot into the wall will be transparent, but not all weapons can do it all, who can: CV47 (AK47), M4A1 (Carbin) , Night Hawk (Deagle), (Counter Terrorist Team) Bupup, (Terrorist Team) 552 Krieg, M249 Squad Automatic Weapon Squad Automatic Weapon (Gun Machines), Magnum Sniper Rifle, if you're new around trying to use a weapon just Bupup ato Krieg 552 (ternyaman weapon for beginners) weapon in reply can right-click ngezoom bit so try to navigate to the head / chest shot 1-3 times the enemy made just lying ..


* Use your feeling
* Master the character of the weapon because each weapon has a different character reply
* Knowing the ins and outs of the area (Map) wrote you play
* Work together team, if you play with your team, make sure not to walk alone there are at least two, but remember ..! the whole team do not walk to the same place because it's easier going to the slaughter


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